Which country has the most job opportunities for Indians in 2021

Which country has the most job opportunities for Indians in 2021

job opportunities for Indians

Most people plan on moving to a new country in hope of finding good opportunities and better facilities than at home. They look for a country that can offer them the things they desired their entire life. Moreover, even in the pandemic, most countries are welcoming PR visa applications of deserving candidates. 

With advancements and developments, countries are coming together to contribute to overseas job markets. Nowadays, borders are no barriers. Visas and work permits are not difficult to acquire either. And several countries need highly skilled professionals to help repair their economies post COVID-19 impact. 

There are a plethora of opportunities. If you are a skilled worker, searching for the perfect job abroad in a perfect country has never been easier. 

Let’s see which countries have the top overseas job opportunities for Indians in 2021. 

Here are the 10 top countries to work in 2021: 

  1. The United Kingdom

Currently, the United Kingdom is the country with the highest payroll to work in, and the rate of unemployment is also very low. Brexit is likely to have a good effect on job opportunities in the United Kingdom, particularly for foreign workers. Skills shortages are serious in the United Kingdom and businesses are searching for highly qualified workers from all across the globe to work in the United Kingdom.

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  1. Germany

Germany has one of the wealthiest nations and has seen steady growth in its position in the international community. It is among the most popular immigration destinations in the world and one of the world's largest importers and exporters.

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  1. China

China is one of the world’s largest economy, manufacturer, holder of foreign exchange reserves and merchandise traders. China is currently looking for skilled professionals, especially in AI, IT, and science. To help companies recruit professionals from abroad, the Chinese Government has recently revised its green card policy, paving the way for qualified immigrants. 

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  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s economy is characterized by low taxation, quality professional services, a free-market economy, innovation, and technology. The country offers lucrative job opportunities in every sector. Aspirants need to apply for a work permit and fly to Hong Kong to advance their career in this beautiful country. 

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  1. Canada

Canada is the most famous destination for a better lifestyle and career development among foreign aspirants. Its economy is the 9th largest GDP in the world. it is dominated by the private sector. and it generates a significant amount of job opportunities for the foreign workforce every year. 

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  1. Australia

Australia is increasingly searching for qualified candidates from a variety of professions, and those who are also low skilled are also seeking an opportunity. It is a prosperous nation with an economy with a high GDP and per capita income. The Australian economy is dominated by the services and commodities market. If you think Australia is the right place for you, apply for a visa today!

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  1. The USA

The major draw for innovators, entrepreneurs and creative people. U.S. businesses have recently strengthened their efforts to recruit talented individuals from around the world. Opportunities and financial incentives are going to be worth it if you get recruited in the US.

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  1. Turkey 

The Turkish job market mainly offers teaching positions to foreign aspirants. They are always searching for professionals capable of teaching language to the local crowd. Once you’ve found a suitable job, you and your employer need to apply for a work permit in Turkey. The country is actively seeking a foreign workforce. 

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  1. France

France has an immense appeal to the technical workforce. France has a tech sector that dreams of hiring technologically trained and skilled workers from India, China, the Middle East and beyond. moreover, In 2019, the President launched a technology visa aimed at attracting foreign talent and making France the best country to work with a skilled workforce.

  1. Switzerland

The finance sector is a major industry in Switzerland and is regarded as a high wealth hub. Even though the cost of living in Switzerland is high, job opportunities are worth it. The economy is mainly comprised of service sector industries with a low unemployability rate.

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These countries are among the top 20 countries in terms of economic resilience as per the FM Global Resilience Index. Check out these countries before making a concrete decision.